Flat Drive®

The Flat Drive profile is designed to guarantee optimum surface contact between the socket and the nut. This “flat” contact reduces wear and allows transmission of higher torque.

Flat Drive® 1
Flat Drive® 1

Surface Drive®

Surface Drive sockets are designed to maintain contact between the socket and the flat faces of the nut in order to transmit higher torque and reduce wear on the nut.

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Design et développement 2

Nut Grip®

Twin balls in the 6 faces of the socket hold the nut firmly for safe, efficient work.

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Forge 2


The angled faces of the hexagonal opening of the Pathfinder socket ensure that the nut is engaged almost immediately, without needing to stop the machine each time to engage the nut, resulting in a noticeable gain in productivity.

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Ratchet handles

S.O.D.H.-System®: Smoothly Operated Dogs Holding System

Two dogs (or pawls) are located in the ratchet body so that the springs are also held firmly in place, resulting in smooth reversal. This mechanism ensures transmission of torque without any risk of slippage.

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Two-Step Dog

Force is transmitted by 2 gear teeth in the ratchet mechanism. This allows greater torque than with a single-tooth ratchet.

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Three-Step Dog

Two dogs are positioned on the same axis and three gear teeth hold the ratchet gear. This system produces a 10% increase in the maximum permissible torque and works smoothly.

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Handle shape

Oval Shape Shank

The oval shank, the shape of which is oriented in the direction of load, provides unrivalled strength and durability.


Rotation and general handling of extension bars is greatly improved with the knurled profile developed by Ko-ken. This hexagonal knurling also prevents the extension bars from rolling around on the work surface.

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There are two possible uses: first as a normal extension bar, second as a wobble extension bar enabling sockets to be driven at an angle up to 15°.

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