a) Make sure you always use the right type of socket and that it fits the nut perfectly.

b) For screws that are fastened using pneumatic or electric impact drivers, only use impact socket drivers and impact accessories that are able to resist a high degree of stress.

c) When using screw driving machines and impact drivers, always wear safety goggles.

d) Plastic or rubber handles are not intended to act as electric insulation.

e) Never substitute a Hand socket for a Power socket or an Impact socket, or a Power socket for an Impact socket.

f) It is possible to produce such high torque in the case of items in this catalogue which are marked with the sign  that they are liable to break. In the interest of your own safety, make sure you always apply load evenly and gradually in order to avoid breaks and possible injury.

g) Never use an Impact socket without a safety device (pin/O-ring or C-ring).


Replace sockets immediately if they show cracked surface, blunt edges/points or other signs of wear.

Ratchets / Handles

A ratchet is not a hammer.
Never use pipes or other improvised attachments on the handles of socket drivers for increased leverage.

Extension bars

Never use a combination of several short extension bars instead of one correctly sized one.


Adaptors should be used in moderation. Take into account that the use of reducer adaptors will result in higher torque since larger handles are being applied to smaller socket drivers. Do not exceed the safety limits.