Ko-ken Europe S.A., which was founded in 1975, is the European distribution centre for Japanese
Ko-ken tools.
The company, with headquarters in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, thus provides over 40 years' experience for your benefit.

Quality insurance

The Ko-ken Tool Co., Ltd. Shizuoka, Japan factory guarantees the superior quality and finish of tools bearing the Ko-Ken label. Each Ko-ken tool that leaves the factory is inspected carefully. Ko-ken undertakes to repair or replace any material or manufacturing defects through its distributors, to the exclusion of further liability.

The manufacturing processes at the Ko-ken Tool Co., Ltd. factory have been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 since 1995.



December 1946 Ko-ken Tool Company founded by Soichiro Yamashita
August 1959 Restructured as Ko-ken Tool Co., Ltd.
1975 Ko-ken Europe S.A. established
1992 Ko-ken Europe S.A. opened its 1000 square metres warehouse in Hamm
November 1995 First Japanese tool manufacturer to obtain ISO 9002 certification
June 1999 Awarded ISO 9001 certification

Ko-ken Tool Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1946, the Ko-ken Tool company has manufactured sockets and socket drivers for four generations with the aim of supplying the very best quality to its customers. Its headquarters are in the city of Kakegawa, Shizuoka prefecture, in Japan.

The company's founder, Soichiro Yamashita (1889-1973) lived in the United States for 18 years and then returned to Japan where he worked for General Motors for 13 years before founding
Ko-ken Tool Co., Ltd. at the age of 57.